Gardner Tackle Spin Doctor

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Key Features

The Spin Doctor is a unique line twist remover that allows you to take control of and manage the accumulation of line twist that always occurs in your mainline whilst using your reel's clutch and free-spool/baitrunner mechanism, or after spooling up for the first time. It’s near impossible for an angler to fish and not run into this problem with your line, particularly in the early days of reel control. Now, there is no need to buy multiple lines to use when the one you use gets too twisted, you can simply get the Spin Doctor and straighten your line to its original outstanding condition and performance.

You, like most anglers, are probably unaware that each time your reel spool rotates 360 degrees, you get an extra single twist in your reel line. The amount of twists adds up dramatically when you’re carp fishing, especially when a bite is particularly strong and allowed to run with the line. Without using the Spin Doctor, a dire line twist will cause the mainline to deteriorate and frap-ups and tangle whilst casting may occur. Over time, this can make it extremely difficult for you to work with your line. If you try to adjust bite indicators or change rigs, the state of the line without treatment will make this simply impossible.

The majority of the twist is pushed down towards the terminal tackle as you reel it in during normal use and is focused in the last few rod lengths of the line, which will most likely cause damage to the line. The twists and their effects will result in the decreased overall performance of your rod and reduce your chances of getting a bite; the exact opposite of what you want from your line.

Fortunately, all of these issues are easily avoided if you employ the use of a Spin Doctor; simply attach it to your line (there is no need for a swivel), cast it out and when you wind it back it will remove all of the twists for you. It has been expertly designed to spin anti-clockwise when you pull it back in so it will eliminate any twists created by most fixed spool reels as you retrieve it. It couldn’t be easier to keep your line in top condition and prolong its life, making your whole rod cast better. It will also reduce the chance of your line snapping or breaking as the twists in the line may add pressure to your line when your cast and wear down the strength of the line material itself; but if you use a Spin Doctor, this will no longer be a problem for you either.

To make the most out of its innovative features, use the weight most suited to the distance you’re fishing; it is available at 20g (black), 40g (yellow), and 70g (red). Once you use it and experience Gardner’s top class expertise, you’ll wonder why you didn’t have one in your tackle box in the first place.