Guru Stealth Rig Case 6"

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The originals have been one of the most popular hooklength boxes of all time, but as always the match team and product development gang at Guru are always looking to improve and better! Here's a lowdown on the new Stealth design, with all the features of the current Rig Cases plus more!


-Large Rig Case is now 15-inches long, giving you extra length for bomb and waggler hook links, and also fitting 15-inch Ready Rigs perfectly

-Small Rig Case now features a new 2-inch pin size, for extra short shallow-water, shallow-fishing, or Method Feeder hooklengths - perfect for F1 fishing

-New hook pins are longer to hold more hooklengths, and thinner to allow smaller hooks such as fine-wire size 22's to fit on easily, while remaining extra durable

-New easy-open grips to open both rig cases

-External label system for quick identification

-Extra durable hinges