Korda Mini Heli-Safe Dropper

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Set to revolutionise helicopter-rig fishing, especially in weedy or snaggy waters, the Heli Safe Dropper allows the lead to be ejected from the leader or main fishing line which makes landing fish easier.

What makes this Heli Dropper even more interesting is that if the angling situation does not require the lead to be dropped, a locking collar can be inserted into the clip which prevents it from opening. The clip can be used with leads with or without the swivel, removed, depending on the preference of the angler.

The Korda Heli Safe Dropper comes in packs of 2 and is available in either Green or Brown colouring. Both colours offer seamless blending to a range of lakes and river beds.

The Heli-Safe System is an amazing product and is already widely used by anglers all over the world, but now, thanks to a clever tweak, they have come up with this new more compact version.