Preston Reflo Sinking Feeder Mono Line - 150m

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A fast sinking line that's perfect for situations where speed is of the essence, Reflo offers excellent abrasion resistance, with a high-tensile knot strength that makes it perfect for fishing lively fish from challenging venues safely, and with speed.

Great for larger match Carp the Reflo line is presented in a subtle green, which gives it excellent lakebed camouflage, and comes on a 150m spool.

 Preston Reflo is a line that's designed for a smooth, fast fishing experience. If you're an avid match angler with a need for speed, then Reflo can help you achieve your ambitions, with no loss of style or quality.

When it comes to effective match performance, Preston know exactly how to create the tackle and products competitive anglers need, and are used to their products being part of the secret of success; their Reflo line is no different, and is designed to give you the ability to perform exactly the way you want to.

The excellent abrasion resistance, which makes this a dynamic line that's suited to any venue.