Cygnet Rig Wrap

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Suitable for a variety of rig types, the Rig Wrap has been designed to protect end tackle when using distance sticks. Compatible with a wide range of measuring sticks available on the market, it allows you to wrap up the rods without worry of hookpoints being damaged or getting tangled. It also has an oversized top flap, so you can use PVA bags in wet weather without them melting. Manufactured from the same heavy-duty lay-flat material as the Cygnet Splash Mats, it comes supplied with ground spikes to secure into the ground to prevent movement while in use.

Designed to protect end tackle while using Distance Sticks
Compatible with most other measuring sticks available on the market
Reinforced corners and supplied ground spikes to secure to the ground
Oversized top flap for use in wet weather
Heavy-duty lay-flat material as used on Cygnet Splash Mats
Silk black finish and minimal branding
Can be used as a base for casting long Zig Rigs