Cygnet 24/7 Distance Sticks

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Day or night, achieve maximum accuracy and get the rig back onto the spot perfectly every time with the 24/7 Distance Sticks. With a new stylish and sleek design, increased length and upgraded features, such as the machined grooves positioned along each stick to prevent line spill and tangles, the 24/7 Distance Sticks are manufactured from high-grade anodised aluminium to keep weight to a minimum without compromising on strength. They feature golf tee-style points to aid penetration into a multitude of ground materials, and a tapered profile with acrylic heads that feature built-in spirit levels and internal Isolite slots which can be added for use in low-light conditions and at night. The acrylic heads can also be removed to reveal a standard 3/8 BSF thread that allows you to use the sticks as a Cygnet Camera Adaptor. This makes them great for other purposes such as mounting a camera, light or other accessories, to give a truly versatile piece of equipment. Supplied in a heavy-duty carrybag with a 12ft measuring cord, along with three adjustable markers for accurate measuring of three rods.

Achieve maximum accuracy with every cast
Rapid set-up and easy-to-use
Optimum height for comfortable and efficient wrapping
Tapered removable acrylic heads with built in spirit levels
Internal Isolite slots (3mm x 20mm) for use at night
Golf tee style points allow easy penetration into hard ground
Machined groves along each stick prevent line spill
High-grade anodised aluminium tube keeping weight to a minimum
12ft measuring cord for correct stick positioning
Adjustable cord markers for accurate measuring for 3 rods
Heavy-duty carry bag
Dimensions: 65cm (L)
Isolites not included