Cygnet Clinga Bearing Clip (pairs)

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This unique design utilises a pair of stainless-steel ball bearings that are pushed together under tension by twisting the top of the clip. When fully tightened, the stainless steel balls offer outstanding grip on the thinnest of braided main lines when heavy indicators are required using add-on weights. They are equally at home using light heads without any weight, which allows the line to flow freely through the head with minimal resistance on a take. No tools are required for adjustment; simply twist to the desired tension.

Superior tension adjustment, perfect for use with all indicator weights
Unique CAD design allows easy adjustment, simply twist the head to tighten or loosen tension on the stainless steel balls
No tools required to adjust or clean internal parts
Suitable for use with large diameter mono and the thinnest diameter braided lines
2BA thread compatible with our full indication range
Compatible with most other bobbin heads on the market
Supplied in pairs