Anchor Tackle Dense Arlesey Bombs Blister Packs

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Dense Arlesey Bomb is constructed from a dense non-toxic alloy*, making them a much more environmentally-friendly weight for the business end of your line.

These are traditionally shaped weights with a nose-heavy design that helps the lead sink further, faster as well as flying straight like an arrow on casts. The copper eye rotates freely making these great leads for coarse fishing.

Not only does the Arlesey Bomb offer good hooking efficiency but its dull colouring leaves for a no-spook finish

*1.1oz Made from Lead

Pack quantities:

1/8oz  x  4

1/4oz  x  3

3/8oz  x  3

1/2oz  x  3

5/8oz  x  3

3/4oz  x  2

1.1oz  x  3