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*These replacement back plates are specifically made to replace the back plate of Stevie Neville alarms, and offer several distinct advantages. * First and foremost they house the superb ATT transmission system, enabling the alarm to work with the V2ATTx receiver system.  This system houses its own built in antenna, with a separate battery so it will not drain energy from the Neville alarm’s battery whilst in use. *Secondly, the back plate has been designed to offer greater clearance between the rod blank and the roller wheel so that you can fish your tips up in the air, absolutely essential on many demanding continental venues helping to keep lines clear of hazardous snags. * The improved ears have also been created to retain the rod extremely effectively, virtually eliminating the need for separate snag bars. *The back plate also features a rubber gasket that makes the need to seal alarms with blue gasket sealant a thing of the past. * Finally, its easy to fit, with the transmission system being made live by attaching the two wires that lead to the jack plug socket on the original back plate. Job done!