Preston Ignition Pellet Waggler Rod 10ft or 11ft

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Preston Ignition Pellet Waggler Rod,

A comprehensive range of rods that are perfect for any commercial fishing as well as natural waters. Seamless actions and high quality components make them unbeatable value for money. There is a rod in the range for any situation whether its underarming a method feeder in the margin or long range casting on a big reservoir. Each feeder rod is supplied with two carbon tips, 1oz & 2oz.

10ft Pellet Waggler,

Perfect for short casts upto around 20-25m, really responsive and a great through action which is ideal for Carp and F1's of any size.

11ft Pellet Waggler,

Ideal length and action for all round pellet waggler fishing to around 35-40m. Powerful action to subdue match sized carp with ease.