DNA Baits The Bug Evo Hookbait

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The EVO hookbaits as they come are salt cured and highly attractive to carp due to elevated levels of soluble ingredients being included in the bait at the manufacturing stage. This, along with the increased osmosis created by the curing process of the hookbait, means you have a higher and more sustained release of key attractors released right from the core of the bait than you would a standard ‘out of the bag’ bait. Of course, any increase in osmosis means your bait will soften quicker.


After extensive testing during summer water temperatures, we feel we have now struck the right balance for hookbait hardness. We would recommend that during the height of summer these hookbaits are suitable for 12-18 hours. During winter and spring, of course, this is vastly increased, and we have left baits out unaffected for 48 hours. These hookbaits are an incredible edge all year round, especially now during a time when it seems almost every rig going out has some kind of brightly coloured addition. This is pure natural attraction at its finest.