Dynamite Baits Hot Fish & GLM - 15mm Boilie 5kg

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Hot Fish is a fishmeal based carp fishing boilie containing a unique blend of spices, garlic and of course GLM.

Designed with the help of German carp fishing maestro, Emir Caro, this boilie is equally at home on big European or Worldwide waters as it is on smaller more intimate waters in the UK. The bait has also been successfully tested on rivers when fishing for species like barbel.

Due to the perfectly balanced ingredients, this boilie can be used effortlessly, throughout the year.

Available in 15mm, 20mm and 26mm the boilies are designed for European and World carp waters and have already proven to be successful big fish catchers.
Available in 1kg, 1.8kg and 5kg bags or 350g (26mm), the range also includes 15mm pop-ups and a 500ml liquid attractant