Enterprise Tackle Nightglow Worms Neon Green

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The range has the unique ability to hold a charge from a UV torch for up to 8 hours, emitting neon green light that is a proven fish-catcher in depths of up to 40 metres. The worms also work effectively without any UV charge when more subtle approaches are required.

Enterprise Tackle’s trial team has tested the worms across a range of species and environments.

The soft bodies make the worms ideal for threading directly on the hook for a multitude of saltwater and game fishing options, as well as drop-shotting for species such as perch, zander and pike.

The flexibility, coupled with the Niteglow design, sends out both visual and physical signals with the target fish’s lateral line able to sense subtle movements.

The trial process also saw the test team use Niteglow Worms for carp fishing both in a traditional hair-rigged capacity as well as threaded on the shank with a bait mounted beneath. They delivered successful results both charged with UV and uncharged. Other species caught during trials include bream, tench and chub.

The pack contains 3 small, 3 medium and 2 large.