Fortis XSR Binoculars

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Dedicated Angling Binoculars For eXtra Sharp Range (XSR)

With the XSR family we set out to build the ultimate angling binoculars.
The XSR binoculars are designed to provide the angler with pin sharp vision for even the furthest of casts.

Vital for all anglers looking to locate their quarry, whether it’s fish showing at extreme range or evaluating bubblers at 50 yards, the XSR are designed with clarity, durability and weight at the forefront of their development.
Each pair is tank tested and submerged to ensure they are fully waterproof and are Nitrogen filled to prevent internal fogging.

First we brought you our polarised sunglasses to help angler’s “SeeDeeper” now we bring you the latest in optical performance to help you “SeeFurther”.

The XSR are the final piece in the watercraft jigsaw.

XSR 8×42 £109.99
XSR 8×32 COMPACT £89.99
XSR 8×42 ED £349.99