Gardner Mirage Platinum Fluorocarbon 15lb 200m Mainline

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Gardner Mirage Platinum Fluorocarbon 15lb 0.35mm and on a 200m spool. This is a high quality 100% Fluorocarbon 

Mirage Platinum is a pure 100% PVDF (Polyvinylidene Difluoride) main line, that offers elevated performance, thanks to a unique process that makes it the softest and strongest fluorocarbon available.

The extra supple/smooth feel helps with casting. Exceptional tensile and knot strength makes this line significantly stronger than equivalent diameter fluorocarbon lines, tried or tested during development.

Mirage platinum songs like a stone and has long-life expectancy. It also retains reduced 'low-end stretch" characteristics too, for anglers that require greater feed back when feeling the lead down.