Gardner Tackle Spin Doctor Line Twist Remover

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The unique line twist remover that allows you to control and manage the build up of line twist that will always accumulate in your mainline whilst using your reels clutch and free spool baitrunner mechanism, or after spooling up for the first time.

Most anglers rely on their fishing reels clutch whilst playing fish but most dont realise each time that your reel spool turns 360 degrees, you are putting an additional single twist in your reel line. Now imagine how many times this happens whilst youre playing a carp, or the twists that are putting into the reel line when you get a run and the fish tears off against it accompanied by a screaming buzzer. Severe line twist will weaken the mainline, cause frapups and tangles during the cast and can make the line unmanageable whilst adjusting bite indicators and changing rigs, etc. During normal use a high proportion of the twist is pushed down towards the terminal tackle as you reel in and concentrated in the last few rod lengths of line, potentially damaging it and leaving it looking coiled and untidy and ultimately reducing its performance.

You can remove this twist, keeping your line in tip top condition for longer with one of our Spin Doctors. Simply tie the Spin Doctor directly onto your mainline without a swivel when the line twist gets bad, cast out and reel in. The Spin Doctor is designed to rotate anticlockwise during the retrieve, so it will remove the twists created by most fixed spool reels as you reel it back in. Use the weight of the Spin Doctor most suited to the distance you are fishing. Note If the twist is particularly bad start off with a length cast and retrieve, then make a second cast at about distance and retrieve again. Normally this will be sufficient and your line should now be free of twists and ready to retie to your rig.