Gardner NEW Get Knotted Hair Loop Tyer Tool

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  1. Quick and easy to use
  2. Perfect hair loops can be made in under 5 seconds
  3. Particularly useful in poor light conditions
  4. With a little practice you can even use it blindfolded
  5. Full instructions included

Tying your carp hair loop right every time may well seem daunting to the inexperienced angler, or even frustrating to the more experienced angler. Fortunately, the Gardner ‘Get Knotted’ Hair Loop Tyer can fix this annoyance, providing absolute consistency in the tying of your knots. With this irritation dealt with, and with the right bait, you’re now free to catch that dream carp.

Lightweight and pocket-sized, this is an immensely useful piece of kit that can make a huge difference, and save a great amount of time. Additionally this would take up virtually no space, so there would be no excuse for not having your hair loops to standard. Experiences without this run the risk of monotonous boredom of having to attempt and reattempt obtaining that perfect hair loop. With the Gardner Get Knotted Hair Loop Tyer, you’ll find that previously vexing and time consuming hair loops can be made in less than five seconds! This is a quick and easy to use tool that would really compliment any angler’s gear. Especially for the angler that enjoys finding consistency with their own personally made rigs, this would provide a source of great satisfaction, answering that level of OCD that calls whenever you spot an irregular loop.

For anglers frustrated by low lighting conditions when settling down to work, little is more annoying than sitting  frantically tying and retying loops with a minimal amount of light to see by available. This is where this particular Loop Tyer comes into its own, with its simple and user friendly design making ideal for low lighting conditions. Enough practice with this Loop Tyer, and you can even tie your dream loop whilst blindfolded! With full detailed instructions provided, broken down into handy steps and diagrams, there is no need to be apprehensive over what will turn out to be an invaluable tool, that will have you tying the right knots in no time at all!