Korda Hook Bead Medium

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The new Hook Beads are one of the simplest items in our terminal tackle range, but a lot of thought has still gone into them in order to get them just right.

These are brilliant for all sorts of rigs that involve trapping a ring or micro swivel on the hook shank and will grip the hook securely without the need for any glue, yet will still slide if needed once a fish is hooked.

The design is tapered to allow the ring or micro swivel to buffer against the bead, but without any risk of it becoming stuck and ruining the mechanics of your chosen rig!

They come supplied with ten individual beads attached to a central ‘stem’, making them far less fiddly to use, especially with cold hands, and when broken off of the ‘stem’ they do so easily and cleanly.

One size fits any hook in the Korda range from a size 2 to a size 10, and they come in a subtle weedy green colour.