Gardner Kinetic Braid 250m Braided Mainline 40lb

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If you’re looking for a braided mainline that’s all about supple movement, abrasion resistance, and 100% dyneema power, then invest in Gardner Kinetic.  This tough, durable, and supple braid are perfect for all your predator angling. This line is supplied on a 250m spool, with an option of two breaking strains; 20lbs and 30lbs, both at a 250-metre length.

Presented in low-vis dark green, it’s easily obscured in the weedy areas where pike and perch like to hang out, giving a subtle presentation that puts your bait, rig, or lure right where it’s needed, without standing out in the subsurface gloom of your swim.

Treated for UV resistance, with exceptional line and knot strength, this 100% Dyneema braided mainline will serve you well all year round, whatever challenges you like to embrace, and however active your angling becomes.

From trolling urban canals for pike and perch to casting out around snaggy piers and rocky marks for bass, this durable, resilient mainline will serve you well, and quickly turn angling ambitions into angling achievements.