Korum Allrounder Fishing Rods

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If you’re looking for a reliable all rounder fishing rod, that will give you the flexibility to effectively target a range of species on a venue without the need for constant tackle changes, then the All Rounder Rods available at 11ft or 12ft, are a go-to tackle choice for the angler who isn’t picky about the species they catch.  When you’re simply looking to have some fun, and take on the challenge of whatever comes in front of you on the day, these affordable rods are one of the top tackle choices out there.

The 11ft All Rounder boasts a 1.25lb test curve, while the 12ft option has a test curve of 1.5lb. Both are rated for 6-12lb mainline.

A compact reel seat and full cork handle offer a light, balanced feel that will be appreciated by anglers everywhere, while the dynamic parabolic playing action puts you firmly in charge of every aspect of the fight.

If you’re looking for mixed-species performance, buy this affordable All Rounder Rod from Korum today.