Gardner Tube Threader Low Bore 3ft

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Low-Bore Tube Threaders are specially designed to fit down anti tangle tubing that has a finer bore. The threaders can be threaded through any tube with a higher internal diameter even easier, for instance Covert Tungsten Rig Tubing that has an I/D of 0.8mm. Theyre constructed from a precision twisted, fine diameter stainless steel wire. The twists make the threader stronger and more robust, and also ensures that it is easier to grip/push through anti tangle tubing. Simple to use: Thread the eyed end through the tubing, so the eye is protruding from the opposite end. Thread the mainline through the eye and gently pull the threader back through the tubing, drawing the line through the tube. Tube Threaders work well with both wet or dry line/tubing.