Gardner Mirage Fluorocarbon Mainline 100m 8.5lb (3.9kg) 0.28mm

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Due to the incredibly low visibility Mirage excels as a high performance hook link for carp. 

The lower breaking strains are perfect for super subtle fined down presentations when coupled with small hooks for open water fishing situations and fishing with small baits, right the way through the scale to the higher breaking strains that are perfect for creating strong rigs for fishing in weed or near snags.

The higher breaking strains also ideal for making ultra-stealthy boom section for the hinged stiff link offering a less visible alternative to the old school use heavy black leader materials that are extremely visible over clean spots on the lake bed.

Not all Fluorocarbon lines are the same. Mirage offers a higher linear and knot strength and better abrasion resistance than any other 100% F/C line that we have tested. There are numerous advantages to using Fluorocarbon - it is naturally highly abrasion resistant and its density ensures that it lies flat - but without doubt, Mirage's greatest benefit is that it is virtually invisible in water. Whereas most other pure F/C lines suffer from poor knot strength, the unique resin formula used in Mirage gives it outstanding and reliable knot strength when tied with a simple blood knot. 'Rated' strengths are an indication of the strength of the line using the blood knot - do not be fooled by other brands that show a linear (unknotted) rating which is meaningless to us anglers as we cannot fish without a knot!