Thinking Anglers Out Turned Eye Hooks Size 4

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The Out-turned Eye hooks, commonly known as a ‘stiff rig’ or ‘Chod’ hook due to the out-turned eye which is also normally larger in size to the eye of a standard hook. This presentation results in excellent hook holds on captured fish.

These hooks are intended for use with stiff monofilaments and fluorocarbon materials for creating pop-up sections, as well as offering a multitude of uses for bottom bait and D-rig arrangements. The go-to hook design of the Out-turned eye for most rigs which incorporate a buoyant bait, such as Zig rigs and Chod rigs. However, they can be equally as effective with a bottom bait tied with a hair rig. The out-turned eye then allows these stiff materials to exit the hook in a flowing direction to elongate the hook shank into a large curve, most commonly used in the Chod Rig and Hinged Stiff Rig.

This design features an aggressive talon tipped beaked point as well as super-slippery PTFE coating to help give the hooks a silky-smooth finish for quicker hook penetration. With the durable, sharp points and forged from a super-strong, extra-heavy gauge wire, these out-turned eye hooks have been tried and tested by us for 2 years under extremely rigorous and weedy conditions prior to their public release.

The Out-Turned Eye micro-barbed hooks are available in packs of 10 in sizes 4, 5, 6 and 7.