Gardner Rigwise Dissolving Rig Foam

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For anglers that are yet to use floating foam to their hook set ups, offers its Rigwise Dissolving Foam which has a multitude of uses including protecting hook points in weed or snags, showing the position of a rig after casting, preventing tangles when casting long hairs, making Spit back rigs and more.

The Rigwise White Dissolving Floating Foam is an essential rig item for protecting hook points when fishing in densely weeded areas. Using the foam helps to show the position of your rig after casting which can prevent hairs from tangling during the cast.

Dissolving Rig Foam can also be used to pack into your open-ended spods which will prevent the loss of dry baits such as pellets and chopped boilies during long, hard casts.

Gardner suggests that for quick release of foam or to get better results in winter, just nick the foam onto the hook and avoid compressing it where possible.

The foam does come in a large re-sealable bag which can be reused time and time again for many sessions to come. There is approximately 50g of foam per bag. To lastly note, the foam is 100% biodegradable, so the foam is environmentally safe.