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During manufacturing, Oozing Pop Ups are made with very high levels of highly water-soluble ingredients including flavours and colours, because of this once they are in water they begin to leak off their attractants into the water and you can actually see the colour and flavour oozing out of the pop up into the water column. Not only does this create a visual attraction it also leads a flavour trail to the pop up which increases in concentration the closer a carp gets to the bait.

This flavour trail oozes from the pop up for over 24 hours due to the high levels which are put in at manufacturing level, so the ingredients do not wash off and away quickly.

The flavour is slightly heavier than water so will ooze down or be carried away from the from the pop up depending on the underwater currents making it perfect for Chod or Zig rigs as well as all other pop up rigs.

There are 4 flavours in the range, all in ultra-buoyant 15mm.