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Pop ups are a great way of making your presentation different to others.

Mixed Method Pop ups come in a wide range of popular flavours and also colours to make your fishing more effective.

Pop ups can be used in many different ways, making them a bait bag essential. Use them popped up just above a Method Feeder, with a small shot placed onto your hooklink for a super sensitive rig. This also puts your bright pop-up right in the view of the fish; helping your get quicker bites.

You can also fish with Mixed Method Pop ups straight off the lead, for a match-type zig rig. Popping them up 1-2ft off the bottom can be a devastating tactic when the water is cold. In summer they can be fished just under the surface for a great fish-catching tactic.

Each hard-wearing tub contains a mixture of 8mm and 10mm Pop up baits, allowing you to tailor your bait to your fishing situation, time of year, or species of fish.

Available in 5 Flavours.