Spinner Hook Sections Krank 6 (x3)

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These ready-constructed hook sections for the popular spinner rig take all of the time and effort out of making them yourself. All you need to do is crimp the ring swivel onto a stiff hook link material such as Boom – or tie them on if using a coated braid to form a more supple boom – tie on a hookbait, and you’re ready to cast out. They are constructed using either a Krank or Kurv Shank hook - so you can choose your favourite pattern, with both working very well with this rig – on a Spinner Swivel, and a Kicker ensures that it sits at the perfect angle. Each Spinner Hook Section has a Micro Rig Swivel already mounted on the shank, plus a Hook Bead set at the optimum position. If the hook becomes blunt you can easily switch it for a fresh one, and ten Hook Beads are also included. They are available in barbed or barbless versions, in size 4 or 6, with three Spinner Hook Sections in a pack.